Affordable, profesional and highly educational Driving Lessons in Medway and Maidstone.

About Skill4driver. who we are and our aims and goals as a profesional driving school

i run a Professional driving school that cares about its clients.  have been giving affordable driving lessons in Rochester and the Medway towns and Maidstone since 1990.

I  started my driving school as Gemini school of motoring after a short time with a national driving school and was one of the youngest instructors in Kent. Since becoming an instructor he has continuously looked to improve my own driving and teaching abilities. Now a very highly skilled driver I believe that whenever possible to try and pass on these skills to my clients.

I believes it is my job not to just get you to pass your test, but to give you all the skills needed for after you've passed your driving test in Medway. I have always wanted to be an instructor and since 2014 I have held a Grade A in driving instruction. I achieved the highest score possible gaining 51/51. Making me one of the very small percentage of instructors in the country to have achieved this perfect score.

I use these training skills to achieve a high level of driving from my students. Knowing that when they pass they have achieved a high level of driving skills and knowledge. Constanly achiving 1st time passes and students with clean sheets. 

Skill4driver will always train to a high stanard and give high quality lessons. 

Don't just become another driver. Become a skill4driver.   


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Gemini Skill 4 Driver Uk

Meet Cassie from Chatham.

This is what she said

"When I had my very first lesson with Phill, being a shy person, he couldn't have made me feel more at ease and comfortable and that grew more and more as our lessons progressed."

"Phill is an excellent driving instructor and it just goes to show having passed my practical test 1st time, along with many others."

"I looked forward to our driving lessons as they were fun and obviously extremely informative too."

"I actually miss having driving lessons"

Cassie is a SKILL4DRIVER! Are you?

Skill4driver is a proffesional driving school in Medway and Maidstone that delivers a high standard of manual and automatic driving lessons in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Hempstead and surrounding areas.


In a very competitive industry I have always survived on my teaching abilities. I believe in quality of instruction and enjoyable lessons in a relaxed environment. My mission is to put skilled drivers on the road, and to turn you into a safe and confident driver for life.

We offer tailor made driving tuition in the Medway towns and Maidstone - I assess your skills and confidence, and take you through a structured series of lessons at a pace that suits you.


My history and quailifications.


A fully qualified A.D.I.  I hold the highest Grade possible, Grade 'A' with the highest pass mark. 51/51.

Holder off a PTLLS (level 4) and CTLLS (level 4) teaching qualifications and a Cognitive behaviour therapy (Dip)

Member of Kent's practical and theory panel of Instructors on the National Driver offender's courses. 

Member of the D.I.A and holder of the Diamond Advanced Special Test.

I.A.M Registered Instructor and Advanced Driver.

R.o.S.P.A (gold), and a  R.o,S,P.A (Tutor).

D.A.T.T. taxi trainer. 

Skill4driver's Mission Statement


The aim of Gemini@SKILL4DRIVER UK is to make the roads that we drive on safer. We will do this when ever possible by introducing the appropriate driver skills to give a better understanding of driver control. Which includes the safe confident control of the vehicle at progressive speeds and an understanding of road hazards and the appropriate actions to be taken.

We want our drivers to be proud of their driving skills. We don't want to teach you to just pass your test. We want you to become a skilled driver, 4 Today,4 Tomorrow, 4 life!

We will to do this in a calm, relaxed, enjoyable environment. We will never shout if you make a mistake, but we will encourage you to become the best you can be. We will enable you to take ownership of your learning and future driving.

A Skill4driver doesn't have to prove they're a good driver. They know they are!



More than just another driving school in Medway and Maidstone.


       Our srevices

  • Manual and automatic tuition. 
  • Corporate driver assessment with report writing 
  • Post Crash Confidence Therapy Courses
  • Pass Plus 
  • Advanced/Enhanced Driver Training.
  • Taxi/ Private Hire Practical Assessment Driver Training.
  • Motorway Driver Training.
  • Night Driver Training.
  • Speed Limit awareness & Hazard Management Training.
  • Confidence Training. ( Traffic, Parking, Roundabouts, Country Lanes and much more).

Skill4driver offers a high standard of driving lessons In:

  • Chatham
  • Rochester
  • Rainham
  • Wigmore
  • Hempstead
  • Gillingham
  • Maidstone
  • or the surrounding areas.

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