Standards Check Test Training and consultants

We can help with all your Check test needs from clarifying what the examiner is expecting of you right through to formal training on client centred training and coaching skills.

Don't panic we are here to help. Whether you just need to chat or you want formal training to help you acquire the knowledge and confidence you require to gain a pass.

  • Help with Understanding the check test assessment form.
  • How to set the lesson plan and lesson planning
  • Coaching skills. Are you using them?
  • 1 to 1 training.
  • A chance to purchase SKILL4DRIVER's unique lesson plan.

Who will be training you? Who will be talking to you? what right do you have to train you? These are the questions you should rightfully be asking. Because they are the questions I would ask.

Gemini Skill 4 Driver Uk


I took my standards check in 2014 and achieved an A grade pass with a score of 51. So I suppose you could say A perfect 51. I have been using coaching skills since the early 90's although it wasn't called coaching then. I work with learners and full licence holders and work very closely in the field of behaviour change. I love helping people achieve their full potential.

I don't think I'm the best trainer there is. I never will. Because every day is a learning day. For me too.

Gemini Skill 4 Driver Uk

If you struggle with lesson planning i have developed a very simple method of planning that meets all the standard check criteria and has help several instructors achieve their A grade passes.

You will have chance to purchase my unique copyright lesson plans for your personal use whether you have formal training or not.

Good Trainers don't just listen. They listen to what's being said!

For prices on:

  • Consultation, Clarifying what's required. Your questions answered.
  • formal training. 1 to 1 in car coaching.
  • My unique lesson plan.

Please contact me with no commitment to book.

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Text "Driving" or "Check Test" to 07840 129166 and we'll call you back

Email, if you prefer, using the enquiry form provided on the Contact Us page of this website. Let us know whether you're thinking about weekly driving lessons in Medway or if you think you might benefit from one of our intensive driving courses in Chatham.