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and this is what she said " I found ever lesson was focused, but still relaxed and enjoyable! The lesson plans that we created meant every session was really productive and also helped to reflect on my progress"

Dear Parents.

At Gemini @ Skill4driver we understand its hard to choose the right driving school for your loved ones. What are the facts.

17-24 year olds are involved in one in four road deaths and serious injuries.

One in five will crash in their first six months after passing their test.

The single biggest cause of accidental death of young people aged 15-24 is road accidents.

One in eight drivers is under 25, but they account for a third of people who die on UK roads.



The simple answer is A Lack of Appropriate Training.

How much would you pay for music, dance, swimming and extra educational tuition lessons? Probably a lot more than you would want to pay for driving lessons. Learning to drive is a skill that may cost your loved ones their life if not done properly.

Whats important to you? Is it how cheap are the lessons and how few lessons can they pass their test in, or is it how safe is their driving and how skillful will they be.

Our aim is not to just get students to pass a driving test but to impart the skills that will keep your loved ones safe on the road. Cheap and quick doesn't always mean safe. Sorry, but all to often we are picking up pupils from other driving schools that for business reasons think quick is best. These pupils come to us often after taking several test, but not having many lessons. We will not put pupils in for a test until they have passed test standard and can prove that they are safe, both in attitude and skills.

I have worked on courses that bring me into contact with young drivers that have committed driving offences or have caused serious crashes on our roads. It is my brief to change their attitudes to driving or increase their driving skills. Sadly this perhaps was not done on their driving lessons. Probably due to a lack of driving lessons. I often hear I only needed 10 lessons to pass my test.

What can you learn in 10 lessons? To crash obviously.

The question is. Do you want them to pass a test or LEARN TO DRIVE SAFELY FOR LIFE?


Parent services.

  • Free ride along*. ( sit in on lessons before taking them out in your car)
  • Parent teaching guidance sessions (Basic)
  • Parent teaching guidance sessions (manoeuvres)
  • Parent teaching guidance sessions (Traffic)
  • Parent teaching guidance sessions (Motorway)
  • Modern driving techniques (one for drivers of modern cars ,post 1993)
  • Echo driving
  • switching from manual to automatics.
  • Advanced assessment.(have you got what it takes?)
  • Defensive driving. (taking the stress out of driving. learn to read the road like a professional)

Please Call for Prices.

* for ride along the student must give their consent for parents to be presents or any discussions between their trainer and parent.


Text 'DRIVING' to 07840129166 for us to contact you. 

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